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The Pirate Chick has always been interested in a variety of crafts, but there is a point where ye olde pirate ship is overflowing with floral arrangements, pictures, cards, and pillows. But the glorious shinies! Be it a token from a lover or something plundered for herself, a pirate chick can never have too many of those, even if the booty chests are already overflowing!

The Pirate Chick's expedition into crafting shinies all started with a silver locket that she knew would make a lovely gift for a friend, but it needed some embellishment. Some lovely chain and beads later and a beautiful grandmother's necklace was born.

The Pirate Chick loves being eclectic (she holds degrees in Interior Design and Database Management) and taking the unexpected like skully beads and pairing them with elegant pearls and filigree beads & caps. She can also be found digging through broken vintage jewelry at her favorite antique store and giving it new life, either with a simple restringing and replacing of spacer beads or pairing it with new or other vintage beads for a completely new piece.